Basics Wash Pad - microfibre-covered wash sponge (wash bone)

Dodo Juice


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The problem with sponges is that they find it hard to keep dirt away from the paint surface, and contamination can also migrate into the foam pores.

The Basics Wash Pad (or 'wash bone' if you're from Tennessee) addresses these issues by being covered in soft, plush microfibre, so it has some pile depth to help keep contamination away from the paint, and any dirt particles can easily be washed off afterwards. A good upgrade from a standard 'jumbo' style sponge. It's also far softer and gentler to paintwork in general. Give it a feel and you'll see what we mean.

Can you machine wash the Basics Wash Pad after use? Yes, you can. But we don't advise it because the sponge inner may become twisted internally, and stitching is stressed a bit more. Just rinse it out under a running tap and let it dry naturally. No special maintenance required.

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