Basics Detailing Spray - versatile quick detailer (QD)

Dodo Juice


Basics Detailing Spray cleans and shines all surfaces, making it a detailer's best buddy, number one go-to product and absolute salvation. If you need a single spray that does a bit of everything, this is the one. Paint, plastic trim, metal and glass... all are gently cleaned and buffed to a smear-free shine (assuming you're applying a light coat to healthy paintwork). It removes bugs and tar, acts like a waterless wash, leaves surfaces glossy and slick, and smells heavenly. It's water-based, so gentle enough to use during final buffing stages without interfering unduly with fresh wax or sealant, or it can be used on its own as a great show 'prep-and-pep' spray to remove dust and fingerprints.

The standard size is a 500ml ready-to-go spray bottle, but we also do a 5 litre ready-to-go refill and even a one litre Pro Pack concentrate/refill - this make 10 litres of Detailing Spray should you wish to enjoy its charms in larger (and even more economical!) quantities... yup, keep your old empty bottle and then mix it yourself with some tap water to save your pennies. If you get through loads of it, as you surely will when you find out how versatile it is, then our refills are definitely the way forward.


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