Tribble Mitt - 100% natural lambswool wash mitt - wool pile may reduce wash marring

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The Tribble Mitt is a classic sheepskin wash mitt, with a thumb design for those harder-to-reach areas, and no nasty mesh backing anywhere to be seen! (What's good for removing flies can also be good at marring paint… so that was unspecified immediately.)

What was specified, however, was soft wool attached to a 100% natural hide backing for a better pile, and an elasticated cuff to make it easier to use.

So what are the benefits of a natural mitt apart from softness? Well, you can sluice a healthy amount of water over a panel with one dunk. And above all, dirt now has pile to escape into, rather than being trapped against the surface of a sponge to be rubbed into your paint.

*Auto Express Product of the Year Finalist 2012*

Please note that unlike cheaper mitts with wool glued to a synthetic backing, these mitts are totally natural and will moult or disintegrate if they get overdry (through tumble drying or underuse). NEVER put your Tribble Mitt on a radiator or in an airing cupboard to dry. If it dries out, ensure it is allowed to become fully saturated and supple by soaking it in water 10 mins before use, otherwise you could stretch the stitching. Should it become very dirty, let it soak for a few hours in a solution made up from our Supernatural Merino Mitt Wash, before rinsing and drying. 

Our mitts come with a 30 day warranty to ensure they are not damaged or defective at the time of first use, but no claims for mitt failure can be made after that date. Lambswool mitts falling apart, rotting or failing is entirely normal and does not indicate poor manufacture. Whilst some mitts can last 3 or 4 years (or more), this is unusual. 

Use your Tribble regularly, dunk it occasionally and you should have no trouble... But keeping it damp in a polybag is not advised, and it should not be left to soak in a bucket (both instances may cause rotting). If you feel that Tribble care may be beyond your interests or capabilities, please go for a totally synthetic mitt (like our Captain Canoodle mitt instead).



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