Supernatural Merino Mitt Wash 250ml - lambswool wash mitt detergent



The Supernatural 'Wookie' wash mitt has sold in its hundreds ever since it broke cover as the 'mitt of mitts' about 7 years ago. And thousands of Tribble Mitt woollen wash mitts get sold every year.

But being natural mitts, they share the same problem - maintenance.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to keep a natural wool wash mitt alive; it's a bit like giving a new parent detailed instructions on caring for a small baby. A lot of it comes down to instinct and experience. But using a washmitt regularly and using a dedicated wool mitt detergent are going to help.

Here are our top tips:

1) Never let a mitt get overdry, so keep it away from radiators, airing cupboards and tumble driers.

2) Use it every two weeks without fail; mitts fall apart when they have a month or two off because they get overdry.

3) Never force your hand into a dry, crinkly mitt as you'll snap the stitching.

4) Don't leave it to soak or remain overwet... so don't let it rot in a bucket or store it in a zip lock bag (as it will invariably be overwet... plastic bag storage only suits mitts that are 99.9% dry).

5) Never machine wash. Rinse it with plain water after use, and if it is noticeably dirty, give it a hand wash with Supernatural Merino Mitt Wash. Then allow it to air dry with the cuff propped open (an old plastic drinks bottle 'neck' works well) and finally use a metal pet comb to card (comb) it when dry - although this can cause hair loss and moulting.

6) Good luck... all natural mitts are wear items and their lifespan is usually measured in months rather than years... even with the best care and intentions, your wash mitt may meet an early grave.

OK, back to the item in hand.

Supernatural Merino Mitt wash is a mild detergent suitable for delicate woollen fibres.

This 250ml bottle gives enough detergent for approximately 5 hand washes (so use it for a deeper clean of your wash mitt, when it needs it, rather than every time you wash the car).

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